Cancel / Unsubscribe services: Guide

With Cloud86, you have a separate contract for your web hosting plan and your domain. This keeps you flexible, because it allows you to cancel and/or move the domain without having to automatically cancel your web hosting plan with it. This means that you will have to cancel your domain and web hosting separately if you no longer want to use both. Below we describe the following situations and consequences:

  • Cancelling web hosting and domain
  • Cancelling or transferring a domain
  • Cancelling Webhosting / Managed Packages / E-mail packages (but keeping the domain)
  • Cancelling Cloud86 account

Cancelling Web hosting and Domain

If it is a Web hosting plan with one domain, you can cancel them together by cancelling the Web hosting package. You can choose whether you cancel your web hosting package immediately or at the end of the contract. When you cancel your domain, we will not automatically renew your domain. It is possible that you will receive an ICANN message about the expiration of the domain. To cancel the Web hosting and main domain you can use the following guide:

Note: If it involves multiple domains or a domain other than the main domain with the package, you will have to cancel them separately. See the section Canceling or transferingdomains below.

Cancel or transfering domain

If you terminate the domain, the domain's DNS Zone will still work until the domain expires. After that, the DNS Zone will also no longer work and linked Website and Mail will no longer be accessible via the Internet. This does not cancel the hosting of the website and mail (our Plesk) environment and you can still access the website files, database and old mail through Plesk. To cancel or move the domain, please refer directly to the following guide:

Cancelling Web hosting (keep domain)

When you cancel the web hosting plan and want to keep the domain, your domain will be converted to a so-called “parked domain”. You can then use the domain later for another situation, but once the hosting package is cancelled you can no longer use our web hosting and e-mail services. In addition, the DNS Zone of the hosting package will also disappear. If you do want to keep the DNS Zone you will have to contact support (see bottom of page) before terminating the service. To cancel the Web hosting you can use the following guide:

Cancelling My Cloud86 Account

If you no longer have any further services with us, your My Cloud86 account will still remain active. This means you can still access your old invoices and tickets. If you also want to cancel / delete this account, you can send a ticket to our support from the mail address linked to the My Cloud86 account.

If you need some help, you can always reach our support desk by email and on weekdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm you can also reach us by phone and via the chat in My Cloud86.