Database table conversion from MyISAM to InnoDB

Preferably, you want at least the WordPress database tables to run on InnoDB. This is because InnoDB supports transactions, which means you can commit and roll things back, but also because InnoDB is faster to write than MyISAM. The phpMyAdmin utility is a database management tool for MySQL and MariaDB that can also be used to convert MyISAM to InnoDB. Below we describe how to convert database tables from MyISAM to InnoDB.

Login on Plesk Control Panel

  1. In My Cloud86 (link), click in the left menu on My Services.
  2. Click the 3 dots behind the web hosting package you want to see in Plesk and click View Details.
  3. Under the heading Manage Webhosting (middle of the page), click on Websites & Domains.
  4. You will now be automatically logged into the Plesk Control Panel.

For the full manual with images, follow Login to Plesk

Convert MyISAM to InnoDB

  1. In Plesk, on the left menu, click Databases and find the database where you want to apply this conversion. At that database, click phpMyAdmin.
    Plesk: Database, phpMyAdmin (EN).png
  2. In phpMyAdmin, select the database on the left, in our example we use wp_iwzlg.
  3. The Type column shows which tables use MyISAM and which use InnoDB. In our example, the table 2pka1KDIk_options uses the MyISAM engine.
    phpMyAdmin_ Table, Type MyISAM (NL).png
  4. Click on the table name, in our example 2pka1KDIk_options, then you can click on Operations (English or Handelingen (Dutch) at the top right.
    phpMyAdmin_ Operation (NL).png
  5. In the new menu go to Table options and change Storage Engine to InnoDB. Leave the rest of the value as is. Then click  Go (English) or Start (Dutch).
    phpMyAdmin_ Operation, convert Table, settings (NL).png
  6. Once we do this, we should get a message that the conversion is successful.
    phpMyAdmin_ Operation, convert Table, successful (NL).png
  7. If you go back to the overview of all tables (left menu click on the database) you will now see that all tables are running InnoDB.
    phpMyAdmin_ Table, Type InnoDB (NL).png

If you need some help, you can always reach our support desk by email and on weekdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm you can also reach us by phone and via the chat in My Cloud86.