E-mail Logs, spam filter and missing mails

If you are experiencing problems sending, receiving or forwarding email, it is helpful to see what emails are handled by our servers. This allows you to better determine where the problem is and how to fix it. Below is explained how to access the email logs in Plesk.

Login on Plesk Control Panel

  1. In My Cloud86 (link), click in the left menu on My Services.
  2. Click the 3 dots behind the web hosting package you want to see in Plesk and click View Details.
  3. Under the heading Manage Webhosting (middle of the page), click on Websites & Domains.
  4. You will now be automatically logged into the Plesk Control Panel.

For the full manual with images, follow Login to Plesk

Viewing email logs in Plesk

  1. In Plesk, click in the left menu on Warden Anti-spam and Virus Protection.
  2. Then click at the top on the Logs tab.
  3. You now get an overview of all email messages received and forwarded by your Webhosting plan.

What can I see in the email logs?

Email logs regarding spam

If you are experiencing a lot of spam, you can look at the email logs (see steps above) and focus on the columns Delivery and Spam Level. A higher spam level (more positive) indicates that the content is more spam. You want the spam values to be as low as possible (more negative) for normal emails. If the spam values get too high, then the message will be marked as spam or even rejected.

The values for which spam is marked can be set per domain or per e-mail. The spam and rejection values can be set in the policy tab. In the example below we show the spam settings for an entire domain by clicking on the pencil in front of the desired domain. In this example, email is marked as spam if it has a spam value of 5 or higher. The e-mail is rejected if it has a spam value of 8 or higher.

E-mail logs regarding forwarded emails are not received

When you forward email from an email address to another domain, you will see two lines in the email logs (see image below). If you see both lines, it means that our mail server has received and forwarded the message.

If the message does not arrive in gmail/outlook, it is usually because DKIM is not set up (properly). To set up DKIM, you can use the following guide Setup DKIM.

If it still doesn't help, see below what information our support desk needs to help you.

Email logs regarding contact forms do not arrive

If emails from the contact form do not arrive then the following steps will need to be checked:

Check the SMTP settings
Does the website not use an SMTP server? Then you can use FluentSMTP for your WordPress website, for example. To set up the FluentSMTP plugin, you can follow the following documentation (link).

Verify the DKIM settings
If the message does not arrive in gmail/outlook, it is usually because DKIM is not set up (properly). To set up DKIM, you can use the following guide Setup DKIM.

Check the email settings of the domain
Are you receiving other email messages? If this is not the case then chances are that the domain has not been added to the DNS Zone (Add Domain to DNS Zone) or have an external website where the email settings have not yet been adjusted (Use Cloud86 mail server at external website).

E-mail problems support desk

Should you still experience problems after the above steps, please send a message to our support desk. To give you the best possible service, we ask that you always provide the following information in case of email problems:

  • Sender and recipient of the message
  • Date and time the message was sent
  • Via which e-mail client the message was sent
    • For example: website (SMTP), webmail, Outlook, Windows Mail, Apple Mail, etc....
  • Any error messages or non-delivery reports

If you need some help, you can always reach our support desk by email support@cloud86.io and on weekdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm you can also reach us by phone and via the chat in My Cloud86.