Automatic email reply

It can be useful to set up an automatic reply to your e-mail address. In the Plesk Control Panel you have the option to set an automatic reply. You can also set a date to automatically disable this reply, to prevent you from forgetting it. 

Step 1: Login to the Plesk control panel

If you don't remember how to log in to the Plesk control panel, refer to this guide.

Step 2: Go to your mailbox settings

  • In the left menu, click Mail.
  • Then choose the email address you want to set an automatic reply to.
  • In the submenu, choose Automatic Reply.
  • It is best to leave the first setting as it is, to prevent your e-mail from not being displayed correctly by the sender. If you are an experienced user, you can change things here to your liking.
  • Message Text of Automatic Reply: enter the message that the sender should receive back automatically.
  • Forward to (optional): enter the e-mail address where the incoming e-mail should be forwarded to during your absence. This can be a colleague or another department.
  • Deactivate automatic reply: this is the date when the automatic reply is deactivated and you can be reached again by e-mail.


Click OK to set up the automatic reply and you're done. Want to remove the automatic reply again? Then return to this page and uncheck Activate automatic reply.