How do I request the free migration service?

Our migration service makes switching from another hosting provider a lot easier, especially when you don’t have enough technical knowledge to do this yourself.

You don’t have to worry about all the difficult parts of transferring over everything, as we’ll take care of the entire process. Our migration service normally costs €75, but if you purchase any of our web hosting plans (except for the Web Hosting Start plan), it will be included for free! We can move the following things from another hosting provider to us:

  • Websites
  • Databases
  • Email messages and accounts
  • Domain name*

 *When you transfer a domain name, some fees might be charged. Please see our domain name page for more information about the costs of a domain transfer.

Only after we’ve checked that your website is working without any problems, we’ll transfer your domain name with the transfer key (EPP key) you provided. Until we’ve transferred your domain name, both your website and your email will keep working as usual at your current hosting provider. This way, we can keep the downtime of your website to a minimum, and there are several moments during the process at which we can cancel the transfer. For example, if we find that a certain plugin of your website isn’t working well anymore, we’ll check with you if the problem can be fixed, or we’ll cancel the migration process.

How does the migration work?

You can request the migration in a few easy steps:

Please note: it’s important that you only provide the transfer/EPP key at the last step, because some hosting providers immediately cancel your hosting then. If that happens, we wouldn’t be able to access your data that needs to be migrated.

  1. Start by ordering a web hosting plan from All our Web Hosting, Managed WordPress, and WooCommerce Hosting plans (except Web Hosting Start) include the free migration service.
  2. Now you’ll choose which domain you want to use. Click on ‘Use your own domain’. Then enter your domain name and click on ‘Use’.
    Please note that we’ll only transfer your domain name at the end, after we’re sure your website works well.

  3. In the next step of the order process, select the migration service under ‘Extra services’.

    After you’ve completed your order, you’ll receive an email from us, where we’ll request the following details to start the migration process:
    - Login details of the control panel from your current hosting provider, such as Plesk, DirectAdmin, or cPanel. This is because we need access to your files, databases, and email accounts to be able to transfer them.
    - Transfer key/EPP key of your domain.
  4. We’ll then send you an email about when we can migrate your website and email.
  5. Once the migration process has been completed, you can cancel the hosting plan at your current hosting provider.

Which guarantees do you provide me with?

  • After we’ve received the login details and we can access your website at your current hosting provider, we’ll first check if we can actually migrate the website. If this isn’t possible for any reason, such as it being unsuitable for our hosting, we’ll let you know about this and discuss with you what options you have for the migration.
  • After we’ve migrated the website, we’ll check if the website is still working well. While we don’t know all the functionalities of your website, we can generally see if all the (important) functionalities are still working.

  • We’ll keep the downtime of your website to pretty much 0, because we’ll only transfer your domain at the end. Until then, your website will keep working fully with your current hosting provider.

  • We accept no liability for the failure of a migration. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, or you’re not satisfied, we can restore the nameservers of your domain to those of your previous hosting provider. If all your data is still available there, we can get your website and email back online at your previous hosting provider in less than an hour, so it’ll be exactly the same as it was before.

What can I do to make the migration go as smoothly as possible?

The most important tip! Make sure that your entire website is as up to date as possible. If your website is running old versions of PHP, plugins, themes, etc., there’s a much bigger chance that there will be problems with the migration. Also, there’s a bigger chance that your website will get hacked or attacked.

So, please make sure that your entire website is running the latest versions. Also, your website should at least use PHP version 7.1. If you have a WordPress website, make sure that you update WordPress core, themes, and plugins.

When your website is using the latest versions, the chances of a migration failing are very small.



My password for my email account doesn’t work anymore.

We need to reset the password of your email account to be able to migrate your emails. Read how you can change your password here.

Can I access my email account from a web browser?

Yes, you can access your email account from a web browser with any of our hosting plans. You don’t need to add your account to an email app to be able to access it (though you can add it to one if you’d like to). To access your email on a browser, go to webmail.yourdomain.yourtld (for example, and log in with details we provided you with.

My website isn’t working fully

Log in to the backend of your website (for example, your WordPress dashboard) and empty the cache of your website through the cache plugin that you’re using. This can fix most problems. If you still have any problems, please contact our support team so we can have a look at this for you!