How to cancel my domain?

At Cloud86, you have a separate contract for your web hosting package and your domain. This keeps you flexible, as you can cancel and/or change the domain without automatically canceling your web hosting package.

Canceling a domain is done by stopping the renewal of your domain. After all, you have paid for the registration period of your domain (usually one year). You can stop the renewal of your domain in the following way:

Note: When canceling the domain, any mail and website will remain on your web hosting and you will have to delete them separately. Before deleting the mail and website, we recommend backing up to your local computer/laptop. Laslty the DNS Zone can be removed, if it is left behind the DNS records will work until the domain is expired.

Login on My Cloud86 Dashboard

Use the following steps to log in to Cloud86:

  1. Go to the url:
  2. Enter the email address you used when registering.
  3. When you placed the order, you provided a password for your account. Forgot which password you used? Then have a new one sent to you via the forgotten password link.

Cancel / stop disable-renewal domain

  1. In My Cloud86, click in the left menu on Domains and then on My domains
    My Cloud86: Domains, my domain (EN).png
  2. Then click the 3 dots behind the domain for which you want to cancel/disable auto-renewal and click on Auto Renewal Status. Note: If the column Auto Renew already show Disabled, you don't have to take any more actions, auto renewal is already disabled.
  3. Click the Auto Renewal Status ON button to move the slider to the left to OFF.
  4. Now if you go back to the domain overview, in the left menu on Domains and then on My domains. You will see at the specific domain the Automatic Renewal column is also set to Disabled.

Should you decide to renew your domain before the renewal date. Then you can move the button to On on the same page. From then on your domain will be automatically renewed again.

If you need some help, you can always reach our support desk by email and on weekdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm you can also reach us by phone and via the chat in My Cloud86.