FTP: Upload or download files via FTP

If you have created an FTP user (see: FTP: Create account/user) you can use this information to connect via FTP. Can't remember the password of your FTP account? Then you can change it with the manual FTP: Forgot or change account password.

To make an FTP connection you will need the following items:

FTP Application

To reach an FTP server, you must first connect through an FTP application. This application is going to connect to the server. By default, this communication goes through a predetermined host address and port number 21.

Some website editor programs already have this built in and ask for the FTP data. However, in this article we are going to use the FTP program FileZilla. Go to their download page (link) and download the version suitable for your computer's operating system and install the program.

FTP host/server address

For the host address, you can use the server name or server ip address for which you created the FTP account. The server name can be found in the url bar when logged in to Plesk or in My Cloud86 in the extra information of the web hosting plan. See also our guide Plesk: Where do I find my server name and ip address?

FTP Account

Creating an FTP account is done in Plesk, see FTP: Create account/user. If you have forgotten the password for your FTP account, you can change it in the same place, see also FTP: Forgot or change account password.

FTP Connection

Now that we have all the information we are going to enter it into FileZilla. At the top left, enter the requested information and click on quick connect and accept the certificate if it matches the server name your Web Hosting Plan is on.

  • Host: enter the server name or server ip address here (in our example:, or shared10.cloud86-host.io)
  • Username: this is the ftp user you created (in our example ftp_account).
  • Password: the password associated with the ftp user.
  • Port: you may leave this blank if you click quick connect, but it defaults to 21.

FileZilla: Connection Setup (ALL).png

After making the connection, you will see about 4 screens. The left two screens (1 and 3) are about the files on your computer, while the right two screens (2 and 4) are about the connected FTP server.

The top screens (1 and 2) are for quick navigation to different folders, while the bottom two screens (3 and 4) show the files contained in the folder you selected in the top screen.

FileZilla: Folder structure (ALL).png

If you need some help, you can always reach our support desk by email support@cloud86.io and on weekdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm you can also reach us by phone and via the chat in My Cloud86.