Adding a database

We offer the possibility to create MySQL (MariaDB) databases with every hosting package as a standard feature. You can create a database via the Plesk control panel by following the steps below:

Step 1: Log in via Plesk To create a database

First log in via the Plesk control panel. You can find instructions on how to do this on this page.

Step 2: Create a database

In the right-hand menu, click on Databases.

In the next screen, click on Add Database.

In the following screen, enter all the settings for your database:

  • Database name: the name of your database.
  • Related site: specify which website the database belongs to.
  • Database username: this is the username with which you will log in to the database.
  • Password: the database password.
  • Access control: here you can indicate whether you want to be able to access the database from an external server or only allow local connections from the server itself. You can also allow connections only from a specific IP address. By default, all external connections are allowed.

Click OK to add the database.