How many emails can I send per hour?

We have set a limit on the number of emails you can send per hour. By default, this limit is set by us at 250 emails per hour per hosting package.

Why this limit?

It is a way to combat spam. It sometimes happens that the login credentials of an e-mail account or hosting package are stolen. Those credentials are then often misused to send spam.

When large amounts of mail are sent, a shared server may end up on a spam list. If that happens, then none of the server's clients will be able to send mail anymore, and we obviously want to prevent that at all times.

What happens when you reach this limit?

If you reach the limit, you will notice that outgoing email traffic will come to a halt. In that case, you will receive so-called bounce notifications stating that your email cannot be delivered anymore. This way, someone who wants to send spam will get stuck relatively quickly. This limits the damage that can be caused by the spam sender.

You can adjust this limit downwards yourself. Increasing this limit is not possible to prevent inconvenience for others.

Web hosting is not designed for sending large amounts of messages. If you want to do that, you can use specialized services. They will also provide you with more insight into the reach and effectiveness of your mailing. Common services for this purpose are, for example: SendGrid, Mailgun or Mailchimp. Some of these services can even be directly integrated within WordPress, which improves user-friendliness.