How to manage your backups?

What is the most convenient way to manage your backups?

Cloud86 creates standard backups of your entire hosting package. This ensures that backups of all sites under your hosting package are created and can be restored as a whole. However, you can also choose to restore individual elements from your hosting package, such as:

  • Sites
  • Mail accounts
  • Domains or files
  • Databases
  • SSL/TLS certificates

You can manage the restoration of these backups in Plesk.

Backups via WordPress Plugins?

It is always good to keep a backup of your website locally on your computer, but we advise against making many backups within your website.

Here's a practical example of what we often see happen:

We have a WordPress website that is 1GB in size without a backup, we install the Updraft plugin and start making backups. To ensure that we always have a good backup, we also install another backup plugin. This backup plugin creates backups of the website, but also includes the backups from Updraft mentioned above in these backups. After one week, we check again, and the same website that was originally 1GB in size, has now grown to 25GB, including all backups.

This is obviously a waste of space and also unnecessary as Cloud86 already creates preventative backups of your website.

The backups created by Cloud86 do not take up space in your hosting package.
Backups via WordPress plugins, for example, do have a negative impact on the space you have available for your site. What may be an even more important argument: making backups via WordPress can cost package speed and result in HTTP503 errors, which directly affect the experience of visitors to your site.