Resource Usage Website

In this manual, we explain how to view the package usage of one of your websites on your Managed VPS by accessing the CloudLinux Manager.


Once inside the CloudLinux Manager, we have two ways to view the data:

real-time data & data over a period in the past.

Real-time data:

We can see the current usage under the "Current Usage" section.


Data over a period in the past:

In the example above, we see the website is currently using 102% vCPU (slightly more than 1 vCPU core) & 400M RAM.

Of course, it is also useful to know how intensive the package usage of your websites has been over the past period. You can view this on the "Statistics" page, where we can indicate the period we want to view under the "Timeframe" section. In our example, we set it to the last 30 minutes.


Then, we click on the graph icon to view the details.


When opened, we see the package usage of the website.