Microsoft 365: Creating a user and linking the license

In this manual, we explain how you can create a user and link the license to your Microsoft 365 environment after connecting your domain.

Step 1. Users

Go to 'Users' -> 'Active Users'.

Step 2. Add User

Click on 'Add User'.

Enter the basic information of the user you want to create.

You can choose to have Microsoft create a password, or you can set your own password.

Step 3. Link License

On the next page, you can link one of the active licenses to the user being created.

You can optionally give yourself administrative rights on the next page. You can leave the 'default' in case you lose access to your primary account. You can set this up by expanding the 'roles' section and filling in 'Access to admin center'.

Step 4. Verification

Here you verify the information and create the user by clicking on 'Complete add'.

We now have two users: our newly created user and the default admin user.