Microsoft 365: How to create a shared mailbox

In this manual, we explain how to create a shared mailbox. 

Step 1. Shared Mailboxes

Go to "Teams and Groups" -> "Shared Mailboxes".

Step 2. Adding a Mailbox

Click on "Add a shared mailbox".

Step 3. Naming the Mailbox

We give a name to the mailbox, for example, we choose "Cloud86test | Info" and info@.

If this information is correct, then choose "Save changes".

Step 4. Adding Members

After creating the mailbox, you need to add yourself as a member to use the mailbox. Click on "Add members to your shared mailbox".

Then click on "Add members".

In the next screen, you can add the relevant person(s) to the mailbox.

Finally, click on "Add".