Microsoft 365: How to create a shared mailbox

If you have a user (licensed email address), you can add additional shared mailboxes for free. Shared mailboxes are email addresses with separate mailboxes and can only be associated with licensed users.

As an example, we have the licensed user and we want a separate mailbox, where all administrative mail arrives.

Microsoft 365: Creating shared mailboxes

  1. Login to Microsoft365 as administrator:
  2. In Microsoft 365 (M365), click on Teams and Groups in the left menu and then on Shared mailboxes. In this view, you can also see an overview of all shared mailboxes.
  3. To add a new shared mailbox, click Add a shared mailbox.
  4. In the new pop-up menu, you can specify the visible name of the shared mailbox and the email address to be associated with it. In our example, we create and click Save Changes.

  5. Now you will also get the option to add members to the shared inbox. Click on Add Members to your shared inbox and then click on Add members. Select the members you want to add and they will automatically be given Read and Manage and Send as permissions. For more information, see Microsoft's documentation (Which permissions should you use?).

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