Microsoft 365: How to send mails from a shared mailbox

Once you've added a shared inbox, you'll want to start using it. In this article, we explain how you can start sending email from the shared inbox. For more information, see also Microsoft's documentation: Open and use a shared mailbox in Outlook.

After a maximum of about one hour, the mailbox is added and automatically displayed within Outlook.

Microsoft 365: Mail on behalf of another email address

  1. In the new Outlook, click on New email. And change the sending address by clicking From and then select Other email address....
  2. The From option may not be immediately visible, for this see the Microsoft documentation Change the account used to send email messages. But for both the webmail (online) variant and local outlook, you can then display the From address under Options.
  3. You can change the sender for every email.

Note: Emails sent on behalf of someone else are placed in your own sent items. If you want it in the shared inbox you will have to drag the mail there or include it in the CC. There is an option to have it come into both mailboxes, but that is done via Powershell. See Microsoft's documentation for this: Messages sent from a shared mailbox aren't saved to the Sent Items folder of the shared mailbox in Outlook.

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