Microsoft 365: Show emails that are older than 12 months in Outlook

In this guide, we explain how to display emails older than 12 months within Outlook. By default, emails older than 12 months are not displayed within Outlook. This can be confusing, so we recommend changing this.

Note: with the new Outlook (Outlook_ Logo (new 2024) (ALL).png), you can immediately go back beyond 12 months. This guide is for the older Outlook versions.

Microsoft 365: View emails older than 12 months

  1. Open the Control Panel, you can do this by clicking Start and typing Control Panel.
    Windows_ Control Panel (EN).png
  2. In the configuration screen look for Mail (if it is not visible then it is often under User Account).
    Control Panel_ Mail (EN).png
  3. Click Email accounts....
    Mail Setup_ general (EN).png
  4. Select the email address from which you want to go back further than 12 months (click on it) and then click Change.
  5. Move the slider to the right so that it reads All, then click Next and Finish.
  6. After reopening Outlook, this modification is active.

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