Migration Service: This is how it works

Note: It's important to fill in the EPP/authorization code only at the last step, as some hosting providers may immediately stop hosting from that moment, which would prevent us from accessing the data that needs to be transferred.

  1. You order your web hosting package via Cloud86.io. All hosting packages except Webhosting Start are eligible for the free transfer service. With Webhosting Start, you can add this service for an additional fee.

  2. In step 2, you specify which domain you want to use. Choose option 2: "I want to use my own domain name".
    We'll transfer the domain as the very last step, when we are sure that your website works well with us. Enter your own domain name and click 'Use'.

  3. In the next step 'Configure your package', select the transfer service under 'Extra services' and complete the order.

  4. After your order, you will receive an email from Cloud86 requesting additional information to initiate the website transfer. We will then ask for the following information:

    * Login details for the control panel at your current hosting provider, such as access to Plesk, DirectAdmin, or cPanel. We need access to your files, databases, and email in order to transfer them.
    * Authorization code/EPP key of your domain.

  1. We will then let you know by email when we are able to transfer your website and email.

  2. After the transfer, we will first check if your website still works well. Only if this is the case, we will actually transfer the domain name (by providing the EPP or authorization code to your current hosting provider). Until then, both your website and email will continue to work with your current hosting provider. This way, we can minimize the downtime of your website and there are several moments during the process when the transfer can be cancelled if, for example, it turns out that certain parts of your website are not working (properly) anymore.

  3. When everything is transferred and you are no longer using your current hosting provider, you can cancel your subscription with them.

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