Migration service: This is how it works

For all information and conditions about the migration service, see Migration service: Guide.

Migration service: Preparations

The most important tip! Make sure your website is up-to-date (minimum PHP version 7.4). We regularly come across websites that are still using very outdated versions of WordPress or Joomla, or plugins that are severely outdated. The result is that your website is susceptible to hacks and attacks from outside, but at the same time there is a chance that your website is no longer suitable for new versions of, for example, PHP.

When your website and any plugins are properly updated, a migration is usually hassle-free.

Migration service: How to request

Requesting the migration service can be done in the following steps:

Note: it is important that only at the last step the EPP/authorization code is filled in, because with some hosting providers from that moment the hosting is terminated immediately, so we can no longer access the data that has to be moved.

  1. Already have a web or email hosting you want to move to? Then you can go directly to the migration form in My Cloud86: https://my.cloud86.io/migration.php. No web or email hosting yet? Then you can follow the steps below.
  2. Start by ordering your web hosting package via cloud86.io All hosting packages except Web Hosting Start are eligible for the free transfer service.
  3. In step 2, specify which domain you want to use. Here, choose option 2: “Use my own domain”. We will move the domain as the very last step, when we are sure your website is working properly with us. Enter your own domain name and click on Use.
  4. In the next step Configure under Additional services select the Migration service and complete the order.
  5. After your order, you will receive an email from Cloud86 requesting additional information to initiate the website transfer (link). We will ask for the following information:
    • Control panel login information from your current hosting provider, such as access to Plesk, DirectAdmin or cPanel. We need access to your files, databases and email in order to transfer them.
    • Authorization code/EPP key of your domain.
  6. We will then let you know by email when we can move your website and email.
  7. When everything is transferred and you no longer need your current hosting provider, you can cancel your subscription there.

Migration service: Final Steps

When the migration is complete, you will receive an email from us. In that mail you will find which websites, domains, subdomains and e-mail addresses (including forwarding and aliases) we have transferred. It is important to check this carefully, so that all data is transferred properly before it is removed from your old provider. After our delivery, you will still need to perform the following actions:

  1. To reset all email passwords, see: CHange email passwords.
  2. Re-configure email clients with our IMAP and SMTP credentials, see: IMAP, SMTP and POP settings.
    • Note: this is only relevant if you use our mail servers, so you can skip this if you mail via Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, for example.
  3. Re-configure SMTP (contact forms) using the IMAP and SMTP settings mentioned in step 2. 
  4. To check the website, always empty the browser cache first (follow https://browsercache-legen.nl/), use another browser or incognito mode.
    • It can take up to 24 hours for all Internet Service Providers (ISP) to change the address.  Therefore, check the website again the next day as well.
    • When checking always grab the main page, some other pages and test the contact form.
  5. Your website and mail work as before the move and you experience no further problems after 24 hours? Then when your old hosting provider is no longer being used, you can cancel your subscription(s) there.

Is something not right or not quite working yet? Please indicate this as a response to the delivery email and always explicitly mention the page, email address or problem you are experiencing along with the desired situation.

Don't have an email address or web hosting yet? Then order web hosting of email hosting by Cloud86.