Migration Service: Which garanties can I expect?

For all information and conditions about the migration service, see Migration service: Guide.

Migration service: Which garanties can I expect?

  • After receiving the login details and access to the website at your current hosting provider, we will first check whether we can actually migrate the website. If this is not possible for any reason, for example because your current provider's systems are outdated, we will communicate this with you in advance and discuss the options.
  • After we have moved the website, we check that it is still working properly. We do not have intrinsic knowledge of all the widgets/plugins of your website, but we can generally assess well whether all (basic) functionality still works.
  • We reduce downtime as much as possible by transferring the domain only as the very last step. Until then, your website remains online at your current hosting provider.
  • We accept no liability for the failure of a move. In the unlikely event that something has gone wrong or you are not satisfied, we can reset the nameservers of your domain to your previous hosting provider. As long as everything is still available there, it's only a matter of an hour to get your website and email working through your previous hosting provider again as if nothing has changed.

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