Migration Service: our promises

After receiving the login details and access to the website from your current hosting provider, we first check if we can actually move the website. If for any reason we are unable to do so, for example because it is not suitable for our hosting, we will communicate this with you beforehand and discuss the options.

After moving the website, we check if it still works properly. We do not have in-depth knowledge of all the functionality of your website, but we can generally assess whether all (basic) functionality still works.

We minimize downtime to almost nil by only transferring the domain as the very last step. Until then, your website will remain fully operational with your current hosting provider.

We do not accept any liability for a failed transfer. If something goes wrong or you are not satisfied, we can revert the nameservers of your domain back to those of your previous hosting provider. As long as everything is still available there, it only takes an hour to make your website and email work again through your previous hosting provider as if nothing has changed.